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Live In Your Resort

If I had one thing to share with you in design concepts; it would be to let you know that building your resort takes time and patience. 

Your space should be important to you and your family so that everyone can decompress, feel good, and enjoy the time spent there.  

My homes are always comfortable. Every house or renovation we have completed and lived in, our family and friends have always told me that they felt “right at home”. They were so comfortable, they wanted to just move in. No kidding! I’ve had that comment on every home we’ve ever completed. We are currently living in our 9th house. (Ninth house, that just made me think of astrology lol.) I am in my 9th house, and we are here to stay! Of course, you can never say never because anything can happen. I will keep an open mind. 

Your home should feel like if you were to go on a dream vacation and stay at the one place that made you feel like you never wanted to go home. Then, make that place your home. What is it about that place that makes you feel comfortable? So comfortable that you don’t want to go home? 

If you were to take all the occupants of your home and go on any dream vacation, where would that be? Now, try to imagine your home giving you that same feeling. It should be your resort. You spend a great amount of time there…especially since Covid-19. Try and imagine that and let me know what you see. I am not saying make a “Vegas” home full of flashy lights and fill the living room full of sand, but if Vegas is your ultimate dream place, go ahead and give your home some GLAM! 

Don’t run out and buy the latest craze or do a complete renovation on something you saw in a trendy magazine so that you just get it done. Be patient and wait for something that would make a difference. Something that speaks to you and greets you every day with a smile. Do you see where I am going with this?

I like to buy things that can be used throughout the home. You don’t want your home to be colour-blocked; blue in one room and red in the other. Unless it is blended in a way that one works with the other. 

I don’t know what it is specifically but when I buy things I love, I can transition my décor easily to another design concept and then it is just a tuck and a pull here and there. Voila! I’ve tucked one in and pulled another away and it forms. It starts to become the vision I am creating in my head. It is like a puzzle. All the puzzle pieces come together to form a vision, a piece of art. 

Start with one thing and draw from that one thing. How do I want the overall space to look? Keep the vision. Make a vision board. Vision boards are a fabulous way to get a glimpse of what you are striving for. 

Have fun, be patient, make it comfortable and live in the resort in which you spend time with family and friends. 

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