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Welcoming Positive Energy and Mindfulness to Your Home

“To take pleasure in the resort in which you live
and spend time with family and friends.”


Meet Sheila

Sheila is a design enthusiast who wants to see your dreams come true!

She is inspired by Feng Shui, and above all else aims for positive energy to flow throughout your house. She has a keen sense when it comes to promoting positive Qi. Sheila works with you to take your desires and put that plan into a reality.

As a Feng Shui Practitioner, she creates spaces that foster a sense of inspiration and total relaxation! 

She shares this passion with her husband Alex, with whom she’s been flipping, building, and/or designing homes for over 20 years. They have enjoyed many happy hours creating wonderful atmospheres for their children, family, and friends to enjoy.

Let’s create a harmonious and balanced atmosphere
for you and your loved ones.

Modern New Look

Our Services

Fresh Perspective

You know what you want but, you’re not sure how to get there.

Manifest your dream home.

Let us create the space that speaks to you. 

We’ll show you what it can look like in a realistic 3D rendering, giving you a clear vision of your modern new look.

Can this be done where you live? Absolutely 100%!

This is a fully online service. 


Included in this Package:

**3 revisions included, additional revisions $25 each

The Cure

Do you want to know how to activate love, relationships, career success, new beginnings?

Do you feel stagnant, negative energy in your home but not sure why?

The energy you’re feeling is there for a reason, but it doesn’t have to stay there. We can redirect that negative energy into positive energy and create a peaceful, loving home that you can breathe, relax, and truly enjoy!

Let us work with you today to help you feel reconnected to your space in a positive way.

Can this be done where you live? Absolutely 100%!

This is a fully online service.


Included in this Package:


People Say

“I went into the consultation not really knowing exactly what I wanted but Sheila, from Modern New Look designed something better than what I can only imagine when the renovations will start in my home. The several suggestions and insightful changes that are going to happen are so exciting. Sheila has been very patient and very accommodating with any questions or requests I had.”
“Coming from a single man, I had no idea how to design a room or make my home comfortable. Sheila gave me a design that works, and it will look fabulous! Modern New Look provided great results with a budget in mind that is very achievable, and it will last for years to come!”
Tips and Tricks

From The Blog

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy. The translation of the word “Feng Shui” means “wind and water” The interpretation symbolizes that energy flows through all things, and we (as humans) are connected to that energy.  The flow of that energy should be harmonious and balanced to bring positive chi

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Know Your Element

There are five elements in Feng Shui: Fire, Earth, Wood, Water, Metal. All the elements are represented in all things living and non-living and they all have Chi energy whether it is positive (Chi) or negative (Sha Chi). I would like to talk about the five elements that are within

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Live In Your Resort

If I had one thing to share with you in design concepts; it would be to let you know that building your resort takes time and patience.  Your space should be important to you and your family so that everyone can decompress, feel good, and enjoy the time spent there.  

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Modern New Look will redefine your space with a positive flow of energy.
Whether it is a redesign of your space, home staging your house to market, or changing the stagnant, negative energy in your home.

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